Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 14, 2014


It's Monday. I'm grateful it's Monday. Last week was a little rough...
actually really rough. I'm grateful it's Monday. :)

Interviews with President Jenkins were on Wednesday. They went well,
as usual. ZTM on Thursday did not go well though... Instead of
motivating me to do better, I became unmotivated. I actually kinda
lost my "identity" for a little bit... A guest speaker came who was
supposed to motivate us, but I was not motivated. He was YELLING at us
ALL THE TIME about commitment. He was supposed to be building faith
but he was destroying mine. I nicknamed him "The Destroyer." I did not
feel the Spirit. I felt like He came into my mind and threw everything
that I held near and dear to my heart on the floor.  It was great to
be completely shaken and then have to give a training said no Sister
Dunn ever. I completely forgot myself, but not in the good way.
Luckily I got it back later that day, but it still really shook me. I
didn't enjoy ZTM.....

Okay, enough moping and groping. Here's a miracle! We're creating a
medley of hymns about our Savior's love to sing to our members in the
Stonebridge and Las Sendas wards, the only problem was we have no idea
how to compose music or anything to its likeness. All we know how to
do is sing. BUT! There is a wonderful member who does know how to do
that stuff and she has graciously offered to help us create the song.
As we were working together and putting things together, the Spirit
was so strong there. It was amazing to feel the Spirit give us ideas
how to transition. It just testified to me that this is something that
we need to do for the wards. They need the special spirit that comes
through music.

Ed is doing alright. He's going into a small depression. The chemicals
in his brain are not being nice to him. We're working hard to help him
be happy and feel the Spirit. The members are great by reaching out to
him and helping him meet his needs that we can't fill as missionaries.
We're working with him to set a baptism date of August 21st! We know
he can do it and he knows he can as well, he just needs to get out of
the rut he's in!

We found a new investigator in the Stonebridge ward! She's the cousin
of the Lewis family and we went over last week to teach the family and
we didn't know she was going to be there. During that first lesson we
didn't get through much, so when we asked when we could come back she
immediately piped up and said "tomorrow!" Naturally we did and had an
amazing lesson. By the end she was crying and she felt the Spirit. It
was so amazing! She's one that will be baptized. She will later if not

I am hoping and I am going to work hard to have a better week this
week! I sure don't like these "rough" weeks. Oh! One more thing! I had
an opportunity to do a little family history and I found some of my
family! It was SO COOL! That was a definite highlight! I love family
history so much! I wish people could just see and feel how amazing it
is and it is not hard! It's exhilarating!

It also RAINED this week. Yes, RAIN. Despite temperatures still being
above 100 degrees, the rain was so nice! After yet another rough day
yesterday, we took an opportunity to go outside after planning and
played in the rain. Being able to feel the rain and have fun was a
much needed tender mercy from the Lord. He helped us to be happy
and I love Him for that. Also, I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon.
After praying, I always turn there for peace and comfort. It's a fool
proof way to get the Spirit back in a jiffy! Here's to next week being
much, much, MUCH better!

-Sister Dunn

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