Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014


President Jenkins sent us the best email ever! It make my day!...
actually my whole week! This week has been pretty rough both
physically and spiritually. My back injured itself while running on
Tuesday and pretty much took me out for a few days. I couldn't move
and it's discouraging when something like that happens. Especially
when you're doing something good for your body. My back is better now,
but it really was a downer last week.

I found out the we get to go to the Phoenix Temple open house!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!!!!!!!!! We get to watch "Meet the Mormons" in a few weeks at the
Visitors' Center!!!!!!!! YAY!!! We don't get to see it in theaters,
but President got a copy of it and is arranging times for us to watch
it as zones!! On Halloween, instead of being stuck inside we get the
option to go and do endowments or INITIATORIES!!!!!! I'M SO
EXCITED!!!! I think I know what I'm going to be doing on Halloween!!

Maria and Mack are doing so good!! We went over Tuesday to do service
(I just sat there in extreme pain admiring Maria's and Sister
Krueger's hard work) and we had a miracle happen! After service we
were getting water and were just about to leave when Maria stops us
and asks us to explain this "no drinking caffeine thing." She said
that she had stopped drinking coffee and tea the week before, but she
wanted to learn why she stopped. Needless to say, we were shocked and
we got to teach her about the Word of Wisdom. She is so excited to
live it!! She sees what a blessing it is in our lives and committed to
start living it exactly! She wants to become like the people who have
been such great examples to her. How great is that?? Miracles. She
came to the General Women's Meeting and LOVED it. There was a dinner
afterward with all the Relief Society sisters and she made so many new
friends! Both Mack and Maria are just growing!!

Las Sendas is doing really well. The work is moving forward. Less
actives are letting us see them, we have the two best investigators,
and the members are supporting us. Stonebridge has completely stopped
moving forward. I honestly have no idea why. There's nothing going on.
Less actives want nothing to do with us, we have zero investigators,
and the members don't really care about the work. It's shocking to see
the stark difference. We're going to keep trying though. We're going
to find people. We're going to help the members. Giving up is not an

Went to the temple on Wednesday! It was so good! Half the zone wasn't
there because they didn't look at the calendar, but those who were
there had a great time. Despite having a mysterious injury, my back
didn't bother me at all during the session. It really was amazing.
It's like the Lord took away my pain because He wanted me to enjoy the
temple. I didn't have a great experience the last time... Just another
tender mercy. :)

The General Women's Meeting was SO GOOD!!! I loved all the talks.
Based on a lot of talks about temples and keeping covenants we need to
do better. I know I can do better! It was really motivating to hear
all the good things that come from obedience. I've been studying quite
a bit about obedience and if there's one thing I've learned it's that
obedience brings happiness; disobedience brings misery. The world
would truly be a happier place if everyone was obedient to the
commandments and their covenants. President Utchdorf's talk was my
favorite. I LOVED his promised blessing at the end. As we live the
gospel joyful we will discover our true selves. How exciting is that?
Doesn't that make you want to live the gospel more fully? It does for
me. I'm excited to do that and see this blessing happen in my own life.

The events leading up to the meeting were insane. Rain was falling
like crazy (blessings maybe??). It poured, and poured, and poured. Our
dinner was in the boonies, but because of the rain the street was
flooded out. There's no way Steve could have gotten there. There was
easily a foot of water rushing down the street. So, our dinner came
and picked us up. :) Mesa was flooded again. But I don't think it was
as bad as two weeks ago. Still, it was a lot of rain. As we were
pulling into the stake center parking lot it was a normal rain. As
soon as we put our car in park, a heavy torrential rain came. Luckily
Maria had given us ponchos! We looked like little rays of sunshine
running across the parking lot. :) Even with the plastic on we got
soaked, but at least we made it in time!

Who's excited for General Conference?!?!? I am!!!!!! Preparing has
taken the past 6 months. Ever since the talks first came out I've been
constantly studying them and applying what I learn. I feel so prepared
for this coming weekend. General Conference isn't just a break from
church. It's an opportunity to hear from our prophets and leaders, to
be guided for the future, and to receive spiritual strength. This
event is evidence that Heavenly Father loves all of His children by
providing everyone with specific and personal direction to know how to
get through the next 6 months. I'm so excited! Be sure to go with
questions, an open heart and mind, and a notebook to write down
impressions from the Spirit! That's how I make the time meaningful and
I know it can be that way for you as well. :)

-Sister Dunn

1. Our dinner on Saturday! We had to dine by candlelight because our
member's power went out!
2. Storms make the best sunsets....
3. Temple selfie!

That's all :)


Friday, September 26, 2014

September 22, 2014


Saturday was pretty much the best day of my life. Elder Nelson is
seriously the coolest 90 year old man/apostle. Elder Foster and Elder
Hansen were pretty cool too. We got up at 5:30 and left at 7:15. We
got there around 7:30 and almost the entire chapel was filled. Luckily
we got some pretty sweet seats. We were about 5 rows away from the
pulpit. It was pretty much the best seating ever. I got to sit next to
a sister from the Scottsdale mission... She looked super familiar and
after a few minutes we realized that we went to high school together!
We had the same early morning seminary class! What a small world we
live in.

Talk about a special experience being able to learn from an apostle
and to shake his hand... He said we have the perfect mission!!! I have
solid apostolic proof now! I think this meeting is one of my favorite
meetings I've ever been to. I received a lot of personal revelation. I
didn't go in with a question. There wasn't anything I thought was
pressing, but I did go in with an open heart and mind. I knew that if
I was in the right state of mind and spirit that the Holy Ghost would
be able to teach me things that Heavenly Father needed me to know.

This is some of the revelation I received. Elder Nelson talked about
how our mission president's #1 concern is our eternal welfare.
Although baptisms are important, it's not their #1 focus. There have
been many things that I didn't understand why President Jenkins asked
me to do - ridiculously hard things - but I do now. Why would he ask me
to white-wash, train, and be a STL all at once? Why was I placed in
one of the worst trios of my mission? Why have I been blessed with
such a wonderful companion right now? Everything he's done isn't
random. It's the will of God. He's asked me to do many hard things
because he saw my potential; he saw what Heavenly Father sees in me.
He's in tune with the Spirit and in line with the will of God.
Those difficult/worst 6 months were my refiners fire. I was almost at
my breaking point until Sister Hamberger came in. The time I spent
with her and with Sisters Chase and Krueger are evidence that Heavenly
Father loves me. He trusts President Jenkins with his precious sons
and daughters. He's doing the right thing. I feel so blessed to have
one of the world's best mission presidents. He is a man called and
inspired of God.

In case you didn't know, Elder Nelson is hilarious too. This is one of
my favorite quotes: "Sisters, when the time comes and prince charming
kneels down and asks 'will you be mine?' Say NO..... Until he shows
that he loves the Lord more than he loves you. If he loves the Lord
more, he will have a greater capacity to love you." He also said
something along the lines of "I know you're missionaries and are not
supposed to talk about marriage and things like that, but lets take a
few minutes and talk about marriage." Seriously, a comical guy. "I
don't have a favorite scripture more than I have a favorite child...
and I have 10 of them!" He's a cute old man. He's a lot shorter than I
thought, or I'm just really tall... Anyways! He left a pretty
fantastic apostolic blessing and I left the meeting pumped and ready
to conquer the world!!

Well, we have two new investigators in Las Sendas!! The couple that we
helped move in are solid. Their names are Maria and Mack. We had our
first lesson with them on Thursday. Seriously, the people are already
mormon. They felt "warm and fuzzy" as we taught and when we asked them
to read the introduction they said "I'm not sure we'll be able to
stop..." They came to all three hours of church and loved it! They've
told multiple people that they are serious about learning about the
church. We're so excited!!!! Again, this is exactly what we've been
praying for!! We're doing more service for them this week and
hopefully we can set a baptism date! Yay!

The rest of the week was super busy as usual. I'm looking forward to
next week! Temple, ZTM, General Women's Broadcast... Man, next week is
going to be another spiritual high. I hope you all have a great week!

-Sister Dunn

1. For service this week, a member asked us to go and feed their
turtle Bob. He's a funny one. He plays "follow the leader" and he
likes to try and eat your finger through the glass. We fed him some
yummy carrots before we went and cleaned the house. Great stuff
2. All the missionaries that helped with the flood clean up last Saturday!
3. Selfies!
4. You see that? It's my ribbon for virtue. I officially finished all
the experiences and the project associated with virtue! I'm going to
be getting my faith and individual worth ribbons in the next couple of
weeks! I am bound and determined to finish my personal progress...

September 15, 2014


This week has been pretty average.... hmmm, actually that's not true.
It's been pretty phenomenal. Transfers came and went and the work is
coming along!

So, Arizona literally flooded. I had no idea! I thought we just had a
regular monsoon rain because where I'm at hardly flooded! Our
conversations with members and my newsfeed on Facebook were covered
with news of the flooding, but I had a hard time seeing how bad it
was. Then we would drive by a retention basin FILLED with water with
people in canoes and paddle boards having a grand time. This rain was
so bad. Central Mesa was hit pretty hard. Schools were shut, the
highway completely closed, and many homes were damaged. On Saturday we
received an email from the assistants telling us that the entire
mission has been asked to participate in a clean up for the city of
Mesa. Everyone was required to go until the job was complete. It was
humbling to see the devastation that happened with the flooding.
People had literally lost everything and their homes had to be torn
apart to prevent mold. I am so grateful that I was in an area that was
on higher ground and didn't receive any damage. These people were so
grateful for us though! Our happy faces and willing attitude gave them
hope that things will be alright. They began to cheer up themselves
and were hopeful for the future. As we were in a home tearing down
some sheetrock the owner kept trying to cheer herself up by saying
"I've been meaning to dejunk anyways!" Serving people I have never met
and probably never will again taught me what Mosiah 2:17 is truly all

We received a solid referral for Las Sendas!! We helped them move in
on Saturday after the clean up and they have told us that they're excited
to learn and to come to church! They have member friends that they've
been friends with for 10 years and they told their friends that they
wanted to come to church with them. The members said that they could
come to church with them if they moved into Las Sendas. And moved to
Las Sendas they did! This couple is an answer to our prayers! We're
excited to work with them.

Jessica and her mom went to church!! We invited most of the ward to
fast for her and her mom to accept the gospel and the fast worked! A
member in another ward kept getting a prompting to talk to the mom.
She did act and she agreed to come to church! We're going to follow up
with the member to see how it went. Teaching them is not going quite as
planned, but we're still working hard to keep contact and to make
appointments. The young women in the ward are starting to become
really aware of Jessica and are starting to reach out to her at school
so she can feel comfortable coming to mutual.

The bishop in Stonebridge is starting to become more missionary minded
and a trickling effect is starting to begin. The ward council is
starting to make plans for members to invite their friends to
ward-sponsored activities. They're starting to get it! They're moving
forward slowly but surely.

I'm so excited to meet with Elder Nelson!!!! I've been reading his
talks from past General Conferences to prepare and I'm coming up with
a small list of questions that I want to receive revelation for. I've
actually been learning a lot and my testimony of the Plan of Salvation
and God's infinite love has been increasing daily. I feel a stronger
desire and a deeper inner strength to work harder to share the gospel
and to share the things that I love with others.

This next transfer is going to be so good. Sister Krueger and I are
going to be working a lot on improving our teaching skills so we can
teach more simply with power and authority. We're watching the
District, studying PMG, and doing some practices to improve. AND we're
working out to be ready for a 5K in November! The entire mission is
putting on it's own 5K and everyone is participating!!!! How exciting
is that?? We're telling our members our goal and they're feeding us
less and giving us more healthy options for dinner! It's pretty great

Both of our wards relief society's had craft nights. One was a flop
and the other was a slamming success! But both were great
opportunities to get to know the sisters more and create some

-Sister Dunn

Here's a retention basin FILLED with water and people. Here's what I
made at the successful craft night!! CUPCAKES!!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 8, 2014


Transfers are here! Absolutely nothing is changing again! Three
transfers will be the longest I've ever had a companion. We're onto
new adventures though! Our mission is trying something new this
transfer. Instead of elders being district leaders, in a few districts
sisters are going to be the district leader! How crazy is that? My
district leader is an elder but the mission is buzzing with the new
sister district leaders.... We'll see how this plays out. Many think
it's not going to be permanent, but President Jenkins is always full
of surprises!

This week has sure been a whirl wind! We had to go to AJ to get our
oil changed, it's raining, and we did lots of service! Members are
moving and they're actually taking our offer to help! We've folded a
lot of clothes and we're going to be painting next week. I can't wait!
We built a fort in our apartment last Monday and had a blast. It's
been a good week :)

We dropped Ed on Saturday. It was the strangest thing. A couple of
weeks ago we felt that we needed to really push and continue teaching
him. We did that with no success. Then during weekly planning we both
felt that we needed to drop him. It was random, but we knew it was
from the Spirit. We made plans and they all fell through. We were
puzzled as to why we weren't able to act on the prompting we had
received. After many tries we got his main fellowshipper's, the
Alfonso's, to come with us and with their love for him we were able to
help him see that he's not in a place mentally and spiritually to be
baptized this month. This was the easiest drop of my entire mission!
He's been dropped a lot in the past 3 years, but this time is
different because he has real friends who are going to always be there
for him. Brother Alfonso is such a great friend for him. He's setting
up times to just talk with Ed and much more. He's so great! Being able
to help Ed is an answer to his prayers. Ever since he got baptized 8
years ago he's been looking for ways to be a missionary. Now he has his
opportunity. :)

Now we don't have any investigators in Las Sendas. We're on the hunt
now! We're making it very known that we do not have any investigators
when we meet with members. We're going to continue teaching the
members and helping them reach out to their friends to share what they
love so much. Everyone pray that a super prepared person will approach
us on the street begging to be baptized or that a member has a solid
referral for us! It's harder to find in this ward because it's
literally against the law to tract or street contact, so we need as
many miracles as possible!

Stonebridge is really starting to pick up. We're starting to get
referrals right and left and more part member families are starting to
open up. Things are progressing slowly but surely. We're going to
start teaching Jessica finally! She's agreed to be taught and we had
almost half the ward fasting for her on Sunday. Something good has to
start happening or I'm gonna scream! We're having nonmembers come to
church and members are sharing stories of their friends being
baptized. The energy is starting to ramp up!! Yay!

All our recent converts are doing really well! We're teaching them and
soaking up the gospel. We're really working with the McBride family
because they mainly joined the church for the social aspect. They have
great questions when we teach and are starting to sincerely keep the
commitments we extend. Hopefully we can get them to a place where they
can go to the temple in about 6 months or maybe more. Everyone is
progressing! Yay!

Things are going really well here. We're always trying to come up with
different ideas to help the members be more friendly and to encourage
them to share the gospel. I'm grateful that I get to spend another
week with Sister Krueger in the area. I know there's still things we
need to do together to make miracle happen here in these wards.

We got to help with an eagle project! We went all the way to the very
northern part of our mission: the Salt River. We helped pick up trash
and we caught an abandoned chicken or two. We didn't get in the water
and we had a lot of fun!! I'm looking forward to another great week!

-Sister Dunn

September 1, 2014


This week has been SOOOOO interesting. Going back to Tuesday.... After
we had emailed, did a 10 minute shopping trip, and grabbed some food,
we went to meet a member for a surprise something. We had no idea what
we were doing, where we were going, or who we were meeting. The member
wasn't even clear about what we should wear. Iffy? I think yes! As we
got on the freeway we started playing 20 questions which it eventually
turned into 200 questions. Every single question we asked was answered
with an "I honestly have no idea." It was usually followed by "ask
more specific questions." Talk about frustrating. I got a lot of our
silliness on video and it is HILARIOUS. As we continued driving we
were heading east.... towards Globe. Sister Krueger and I were
freaking out. BUT! The closer we got the more excited we became.
Eventually the cat came out of the bag.... It was Sister Chase. She
secretly organized (behind our backs) a trip to Globe to see the
run-downness of the ghetto and the beauty of the hills and mountains.
It was an amazing road trip and now I can officially say that I've
been to Globe :)

I've been stuck in the same 20 square miles for 14 months - it was
actually really nice to see some other vegetation and rocks! Going up
to Globe there comes a point where Saguaro cactus can't grow because
the elevation is too high. For most of the trip there were no cacti...
weird. As we came back down I was so happy to see the pokey trees. I
guess I love Mesa more than I thought!

The joy of the road trip didn't last too long though. The next day
during personal studies we got a call from President Jenkins. He NEVER
calls during studies, so when he does you know it's important. He
called and asked for Sister Chase. He told her she was needed in a
different area because another sister was going home for medical
reasons. He needed her to be at the mission home by 9 that evening.

In a matter of a few short hours, our plans made the night before were
thrown out the window, we packed up her entire life, and went to see
some members and our investigators so she could say goodbye.

It was hard saying goodbye, but that's a part of missionary life. We
come and then we go. Sister Krueger and I have been trying to adjust
to not having her around. She did a lot and we're just trying to do
what she did to make our companionship work. We get along just great,
but it's stressful trying to remember everything and to make sure that
we aren't' missing anything.

Amid the hectic craziness of the day we experienced a miracle! We went
and contacted a referral named Michelle. She's a super sweet old lady.
She welcomed us in and acted like she was expecting us for a long
time. THAT'S a tender mercy. She began talking and asking us really
good questions about the Spirit World. He husband died a little less
than a year ago and she wants to know that he's ok. As we taught and
testified she felt the Spirit and you could see the peace and comfort
he was bringing to her heart. The likelihood of her getting baptized
in this life is slim. She has so many health problems. She can barely
sit in a chair for an hour before she gets sick. Her bones are so
brittle that she can't bend and her back is so fragile that if she
broke it she would be paralyzed. BUT! She has lots of family that are
members of the church and who will ensure that her work is done.

We got to see Javelina! The wild and mysterious pig of Mesa. They're
great. Actually they stink. Literally. They smell like road kill. We
were visiting our investigator Jessica when she suggested that we go
and summon the Javelina. We grabbed a bag of carrots and a handful of
other veggies and headed out to her backyard. After throwing a few
food items over the fence one Javelina appeared. After a few minutes
another appeared. Soon there were 3... then 5... then 12! Plus babies!
They're so cute! This was an amazing opportunity as well to talk with
Jessica and with a couple of her other nonmember friends. Many doors
are being opened and the blessings of heaven are going to flood

Well, this week is going to be better than last week's. Transfer
planning is here again. It's always tense trying to think about what's
going to happen to you. I just want to do what the Lord needs me to
do. Remember to read the Book of Mormon everyday and to always pray.
Remember WHO you are praying to. There was a talk in sacrament meeting
on Sunday about prayer. The sister speaking said that the way to make
prayers more meaningful is to remember your divine relationship with
Heavenly Father. He is literally the Father of your spirits and he
yearns to bless you. All we have to do to receive those blessings is
ask him. "Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall
find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that
asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that
knocketh, it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, who, if his
son ask bread, will give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he
give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good
gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in
heaven give good things to them that ask him?" -3 Nephi 14:7-11. The
promise in these scriptures is real. Take that leap of faith, get on
your knees, and really talk with Heavenly Father and you will not be

-Sister Dunn

Monday, September 1, 2014

August 26, 2014


Mission tour was so good!  I don't even know where to begin! There was
just so much goodness packed into a four hour meeting!! I was
expecting to be called to repentance, and called to repentance I was.
I went in with a question and came out with so much more! I wanted to
learn how I can increase my faith. As we talked about 2 Nephi 31:13 I
received a subtle prompting from the Spirit telling me that I need to
continue following the Savior with full purpose of heart. Essentially,
I need to keep doing what I'm doing and over time I will see my faith
grow. It was reassuring to know that Heavenly Father approves of the
path that I'm on.

I loved learning about repentance. It's crazy because deep down I
already knew how important it is and that we are called to teach and
help others repent, but I felt that part of me wake up and fully
realize this. I know that I'm helping people not just reach baptism
but the Celestial kingdom and the only way they can do that is to
repent and change themselves to prepare to enter the presence of
Heavenly Father. I had actually studied repentance that morning and I
felt so confident that I could repent and change anything.

Then I was called to repentance. I forgot that when it happens it
isn't necessarily a pleasant experience. I guess... it's harder when
you realize you need to change your nature and not just your behavior.
Heavenly Father told me He needs me to learn to truly love. I thought
I felt love before but I didn't really at the same time. I wasn't
having unconditional love. I was holding back because of my pride. I
was letting the past hold me back from unleashing a flood of love to
the world. For the next.... actually my entire life, I'll be working
on developing the kind of love the Savior possessed. I recently
finished the Book of Mormon and this time around I'm looking for and
highlighting examples of love through words and actions. I've only
read two chapters and there's a lot of pink showing up.... I just want
love to come from my heart and not be forced. I don't want to think
that people have to earn my love. I want it to be a free gift to help
bless the lives of others. I want my love to help them as they repent
and come closer to the Savior. President Monson's talk from General
Conference is helping me as well and I'm going to work on applying
what he teaches. I know that the love that I'm trying to achieve is
something that I am not capable of having on my own. I need charity. I
need to repent and have a pure heart.  I need the Savior to show me
how to love. I want to really become a missionary by loving

I learned a lot more than this, but this basically sums up the biggest
and life changing moments for me. :) Elder Schwitzer did pronounce a
blessing on all of the missionaries there... It was a really cool
blessing. I've never experienced anything like that before....

Things here in the ward are going really well. The work is moving....
like a tortoise, but nevertheless it is moving! We had a lot of good
lessons with our members! We are super busy and it feels so good!

We went to Las Sendas's youth conference this weekend! I know weird.
It's not during the summer and it's in the middle of school. But! It
was still fantastic! The theme was "conversion" and we're getting
t-shirts! The youth here are really amazing and this conference helped
each youth become more converted. We went to the testimony meeting and
a nonmember bore her testimony! It was sooooo cool!

Ed is starting to understand why he's investigating the church! He
called us earlier in the week telling us he was almost going to take a
break from investigating, but then he got off track and asked us for
service instead. We went over and helping him clean his house for a
meeting the next day. As we served with him we began to talk about the
Book of Mormon. He knows he needs to be reading it, but he also
doesn't see the point of reading if he doesn't give his entire heart
into reading and in the end not understanding what he's reading. I had
no idea how to help him, but I've been praying to be guided by the
Spirit to say things that will help him see. As we were talking he
asked me to remind him of my background in the church. I thought this
was weird but I started to tell how I became active and started on the
path of conversion when I was 17. He was baffled that there were
mormons in Utah that didn't read the Book of Mormon; he didn't
understand how that was even possible. I told him it was (we all have
agency). I was able to help him see that everything that he is doing is
in turn blessing his little girls. I could see the Spirit help him,
soften his heart, and see that this church, this gospel, is here to
bless and unite families. He finally understands now and I'm grateful
that I have had experiences that helped me relate to him. Everything
that I've learned in my life is helping to teach this man and help him
and his daughters to return back "home." Oh! And he's starting to get
real friends! There's a convert in the ward who went through the exact
same thing he is and they're already beginning to develop a great
friendship. This member is even getting the entire elder's quorum
together to do service for him. Good stuff is going on!!

-Sister Dunn

Youth Conference!! One of the activities was cupcake wars!! They each
had to pick a scripture and design a cupcake around it. The two at the
bottom got a scripture about baptism and created a font with the 12
oxen around it.


August 18, 2014


This week has been such a good week! We've been actually teach and it
feels so good! We have been called to teach people, but we weren't
teaching at all. So we took matters into our own hands and called
members and set up appointments to come and teach them. Last week
we taught 14 lessons and we have 18 scheduled for this upcoming week!
It's so great! They love having us over now and are beginning to trust
us. They see what we are called to do and feel that they can trust us
with their friends.

We've taught almost all the ward council members in the Stonebridge
ward and we're going to be finished seeing all the Las Sendas ward
council this coming week. I'm excited to see what good will come from
our efforts. This is so much better than knocking on empty doors!

Biggest miracle ever! Thursday night we get a call from a member we
taught Sunday with the best news ever! She had been talking to her
neighbors across the street for over 3 hours about the Gospel and
invited them to church. They accepted and came to church! But this
isn't the best part!! They cancelled their trip to Michigan to come to
church!! Who does that?! When they came they were welcomed and loved
by all the members! I've never seen the Stonebridge ward so friendly
in my entire time here. They participated in class and they looked
like they have been members their entire lives. I hope to see them
more! The member that invited them is moving, but they made so many
new friends at church that I know they'll eventually accept the gospel
and be baptized. Miracle!!

ZTM this week was SOOOOO much better than last month's. I learned so
much and  I feel reenergized to get out and do the work! I learned a
lot about the converting power of the Book of Mormon. We've been using
this newly rediscovered knowledge when we go and teach members and
help them deepen their conversion.

Things are going really well! Ed is doing alright, he just needs to
get used to the graveyard shift. He is planning on coming to a FHE
with a family tonight! He's great! We finally met Jessica this week!
She is so sweet and desperately needing the gospel. Her mom is super
friendly as well and looks like she'll let her daughter investigate
the church. Good things are happening and our hard work is just
starting to pay off!

I'm super excited to go to the temple and for mission tour next week!
The next 7 days are going to be so edifying and full of spiritual
revelation. I can't wait! Studying Preach My Gospel is going great and
I'm learning so much about the gospel. I really like my life :)

Valuable life lessons I learned this week:
1. NEVER go to Golfland during the summer... during the middle of the day. EVER!
2. Eating too much sugar results in a not-so-happy tummy. Sister
Krueger was a victim of this...
3. You don't have to eat everything the members place in front of you.
4. It is possible to teach 2 year olds funny things that the elders
do.... I may or may not have brainwashed a child to do silly things
every time she sees elders... priceless!
5. Dancing in the rain makes every day better... especially when you do
it for your workout in the morning!

-Sister Dunn

This is Angela! My new friend! I taught her to make this silly face
and clap her hands! We have a video of her doing it and it is