Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014

I rolled my ankle and this was the most humbling/worst week ever.
First, story time. Tuesday morning my companion and I were doing our regular morning work out on the snazzy little hill off of Brown and the 202. We usually like to hike up it and then run down it (at a reasonably slow pace of course). I've done it a lot with Sister Krueger and was going to make it a regular thing with Sister Taylor.
The hike up was nice, but a little dark. We got to the top and waited a few minutes for the sun to come up. When it got light enough we started the run down. I always pray before hand that we'll be safe because this hill is a little sketch going down it. Normally it's really hard to concentrate where I'm placing my feet because I'm jumping and being jolted all over, but this time my mind was clear and going down was a breeze. As I thought "man, this is easy this morning" (about 100 yards from the top) my ankle found THE ONLY rock on the SMOOTHEST part of the hill and decided that it would be fun to roll. And boy did it roll. Luckily I didn't fall and make it worse, but I couldn't walk on it. Thank goodness Heavenly Father makes us go two by two! My sweet companion carried me down the rest of the hill on her back. I secretly want to know that the other hikers were thinking as they saw a 5'10" missionary sprawled across the back of a 5'4"
missionary... I was on crutches until Sunday. I was officially classified as a cripple.
Being crippled it not as fun as everyone thinks it is. I used the crutches during the day and a wheelchair at night when at the temple for Christmas Lights. Just for your info, people are clueless to those who are disabled! And ADA does not exist! In the future, I am only going to design spaces that will meet the requirements for ADA. Go handicap people!! Well, overall the experience was very humbling. It was humbling because I saw just how little I was but also what impact I make. Second, it was terrible because we weren't in our area a lot as a result. Realizing that I couldn't do a lot of the small things was frustrating and it was really hard to let my companion help me. I couldn't even carry a silly piece of paper because my hands were occupied with crutches! I learned a lot about the Atonement, reality, and patience. I feel that every time I experience something hard I experience a different part of the Atonement. I've never injured myself before and I didn't know how to handle it. I had a lot of time to study, pray, and ponder while I was taking care of my ankle. The Savior helped me let go of my pride and let my companion help me (that was super hard being a prideful and independent person). I now have a greater appreciation for the patience of our Heavenly Father and Savior. Who would have ever thought that I would learn this?? I've also never felt so much love before. Members and other missionaries showed me love that I've ever thought was possible. That love really helped me to get through the week.
We had meetings and the temple and more meetings with members. The times we weren't in meetings I had to ice and elevate my ankle. We didn't really spend a lot of time in the area and I feel like I kinda failed this week. If I only hadn't decided to go to the hill or something.... You know when you just want to put the blame on yourself? Yupp. Feeling that way right now, but it's getting better.  At least I'm not on crutches anymore and I'm not limping around today! So this coming week is going to be 1,000 times better because I'm not going to get injured, no one is going to get sick, and everyone is going to be home.
Being crippled while serving in the temple rocks. The workers are friendly to begin with, but they show an outpouring of love and service when you need help. They give you the royal treatment. You get to take the elevator and they smile more (I think out of pity, but hey! It's a smile!) and they let you cut in line and you're the first to do everything. It's the best but please don't go injure yourself to get this kind of royal treatment. Also, being in a wheelchair at Christmas Lights is the best. People actually talk with you and can't ignore your existence because they have to walk around you. There are some good things that have come from being crippled...
So there was a competition in the mission among the elders to see who had the most Thanksgiving dinners and we totally won!!! YES!!!!!!! The sisters beat the elders! WHOOOOOOH! Just thought you should know. :)
-Sister Dunn
P.S. I got to be companions with Sister Willahan last night!!!! MTC comps unite!!!!!! President totally should have made us companions.....

That's me being a cripple. I practically lived on this sofa.... This was me getting ready about an hour after the roll. More pictures to come next week!
Merry Christmas!

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