Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Happy January!!!! Can you really believe that it's 2015? We've already made it through half a decade! Good news! We're getting new investigators at 3:30 today! Elder Hansen (our area seventy) lives in Stonebridge and has been doing missionary work! We're going to teach a single mom and her 2 kids. I'm so excited! Despite his crazy schedule, he still manages to set such an awesome example for each of us and is sharing the gospel with those he's been guided to. YAY! Plus it's in Stonebridge. SUPER YAY!!
I'm super excited for this coming week. There's so much goodness going on and I have faith that we can find new investigators this week. Especially in Stonebridge. I've actually never been so hopeful before. With the family we're going to teach in a little bit to just everyone. The ward has been the most missionary minded I've ever seen it. Especially our Relief Society president! I was thinking about why she's the one person on the entire ward council who is actually excited to do missionary work and for our open house on Saturday. I realized that she's that way because we've served her. Service brings miracles and we are so going to experience miracles this month and in March. Las Sendas is the same way. The first counselor in the bishopric got up and bore his testimony about Miracle March and I could feel the energy and excitement go up as he spoke and testified. Miracles are coming.... 
I can't believe that Christmas lights are over too. The last couple of days were super dead. We were by the Isaiah display and we were the only ones there. Result? Selfies. Isaiah is officially my new BFF. We also made English lace with a less active in our ward. She from England and brought this hobby over with her. It was really cool. I made a snake! Best part of all this was when she came to church on Sunday. :)
New Year's was a lot of fun. It was similar to last year, but here's what was different:
1. IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MESA GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Superstition mountains were all cute and white and it just made my day. As a result it was super cold and all the activities took place inside. 
2. Transfers wasn't on the same day
3. Sister Mitchell is a year old (that's really inappropriate)
4. I injured myself playing "do you love your neighbor" and have a beautiful purple knee
5. Realized that I have a lot more friends than I thought
6. We acted out the good Samaritan instead of Nephi building a boat. Our skit rocked. Satire was thick as we mocked mission life.... Grateful to not be in a "sistrict" :P 
I'm also not ready for this week to happen. Goodbyes are hard, especially when you've worked in an area for so long and so hard. When I got my blessing last week I was told of the many lives that I had touched and helped and I can't imagine saying goodbye and leaving any of them. My heart just aches thinking about leaving and my eyes lose control of my tear-ducts and I become a wreck. Like right now. I can barely see the computer screen. I know I'll see them all again because I have a trip already planned to come back and see everyone, but it isn't going to be the same....  Well, sad time is over. Heavenly Father is so good to me and always comforts me and brings me peace before I can get too upset. That's been a nice thing the past couple of weeks. Time to get to work!!
-Sister Dunn
At the mission New Year's party


Christmas Lights

Selfies with the sisters

This is pretty much what we looked like all night at the lights because it was so dead

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