Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17, 2014


I can't believe that transfers are next week. Where has the time gone? Oh! HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!! Hope you all have a little green on! This week has been overall really good. Zone Conference was spectacular. President Jenkins talked a lot on obedience. I really needed it because I needed to be more obedient. It's not that I wasn't obedient before, I just needed to be more EXACTLY obedient. I'm working really hard now to be obedient in everything and I'm exercising more faith that blessings and miracles will happen as a result. Hope all goes well! I also accompanied two musical number (note to self: never agree to learn two songs when you can never find the time to practice. Lesson learned.), and we also had ZTM... two meetings in the same day! I gave a training on teaching people not lessons. Not gonna lie. It was super awesome and drenched in the Spirit. I could see that the other missionaries really needed it. But near the end of my training, in walks President AND Sister Jenkins. No pressure right? It went great! I only blushed a little! AKA I was as red as a tomato.

Something that we're starting to focus on as a zone is what we discussed in MLC, especially planning and really thinking about the needs of our investigators and others that we're working with. As I've really taken time this past week to focus in on the needs of others I can feel that I'm developing true love for them and I can see that others can see this love and are more open to what we teach and ask them do. It's really amazing to see the pure love of Christ in action. 

WE GOT A LESS ACTIVE FAMILY TO CHURCH!!! AHHH! We've been working with the Nino family for months now to get them active and to get to church and they came! We were giving talks in Sacrament meeting so we arranged for awesome families to sit next to them and I could see that they loved being there and could feel the love of members around them. Unfortunately they had to leave right after Sacrament meeting, but they sent us the sweetest text that made me cry! It said: "I also wanted to share that RJ's mom let me know that RJ had made a comment on Facebook about how the missionaries were over and have made him realize how far he has steered away and wanted to be better." RJ is 16 and has the biggest gauges in his ears. He basically looks like a punk, but he has been touched and he has let the Spirit guide him!!!! AHHH! Miracles!

I went on exchanges with Sister Sacher this week! So many miracles happened it's not even funny! But this is the big one for the week. We were going to contact a referral from church headquarters. The house look super sketch and not safe but we go anyways. The person that we're looking for comes out along with a man.... the story is about the man.... The lady said she had no idea how we got her name and is not interested in learning right now and walked away. After that little exchange the man walks up to us and asks where he can get his own copy of the Book of Mormon. How awesome is it that we just happened to have one in our hand to give out!? It was his lucky day. We gave him a Book of Mormon and bore our testimonies and set up a time where we could come back and teach him. He was the most open person I've ever contacted.... and he was sincere too! He really want to know! And he said he would go to the Easter Pageant as well! MIRACLE!!!!

We have had a hard time finding investigators, but we had plenty of less actives that we're working with. Currently we are working with 3 families and they're all progressing towards becoming active again. How exciting is that? The total amount of people that are coming back is 15. Even though we're struggling to find investigators, we're helping lots of people come back and start keeping the covenants that they're made and start feeling the blessings from doing so. I feel really accomplished right now. I'm frustrated with finding, but I still feel accomplished. 

Well, nothing too exciting is going to happen this week... except I feel that the entire ward is going to throw me a birthday party on Saturday. I'm anxious to see what tricks they'll come up with! This ward is so amazing and I feel so loved by them. I hope I get to stay here another transfer! 

-Sister Dunn

All my sisters!!
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