Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2014


What a week! It was really good... and different.... but good! I got really sick (AGAIN! More than once on a mission is too many times!) and that took me out at the end of the week... which stank! My mind couldn't function plus I was contagious, so I was stuck inside. Miracles still happened though! I got better (I'm like night and day from a day and a half ago) and we found people to teach! YAY!

We found a mother and daughter to teach in the Vista Peaks ward. We were so desperate to find people to teach that we were resorting to just walking and talking to every creature that could breathe (cats included!). On Tuesday we were going through our potential list and saw Rosie (the mother) and Ashely (15) and decided to stop by. Lo and behold they were more than welcoming and invited us in! They loved having us over because they love learning about God and Jesus Christ. They're VERY Central Christian but open to what we have to teach. Ashley especially seems open. She wants to make sure that she is forgiven of all her sins. She wants to go to heaven and NOT to hell but she thinks that it's unfair that those who sin but go to church and ask for forgiveness then go and sin again as soon as they leave get to go to heaven just because they ask for forgiveness. Little does she know that we have answers that can help her resolve her concerns! We are so excited to begin teaching them. They're a miracle from the Lord! Right when we were about to give up finding in the this ward did the Lord show His hand and lead us to this family. Miracles everywhere! Other wise Vista Peaks is doing better. The ward leaders are really stepping it up and helping everyone in their auxiliaries to be overall better members and to live the gospel. Things are starting to look good here :)

Adobe Villa is doing alright... I guess. We haven't had a lot of time to go and see the ward since I've been sick but from what I saw at church it looks ok. Talking to some of the leaders I could tell that it had been neglected a little and they're so excited to have sisters. Different windows and opportunities just became available and the Relief Society President is ready to put us to work! We don't have a lot of work going on, but we received a lot of referrals on Sunday from members so the work will get going and going fast! We're excited and so are the members!

Sister Hamberger is doing pretty well! She is a great caretaker if you ever get sick! But she's really starting to get back into the swing of things again and is learning and picking up skills relatively quick.
We're really focusing on 12 Week and we're integrating the weeks that have us work on the lessons with the other weeks... It's a hodge-podge 12 Week, but it gets the job done! We're really focusing on TTI's so that we can find people to teach on the spot or add them to the potential list. We want to be effective and teaching people not lessons while street contacting. We just want to be better overall with our skills as missionaries.

Fun Time! I got to FaceTime my family yesterday! It was so great! I saw Jamison for 20 seconds (that's more than Christmas!), Grandpa for 20 seconds, and Dad for 20 seconds as well! We're hitting new records here with the family and FaceTime! It was great to talk to my mom and have a legitimate conversation. I love my family dearly :) After FaceTime with the fam, the members that we were calling from had a talent show! It was so great! Our WML's son, Joe, likes to be the center of attention. So no matter who was sharing their talent, Joe was right beside them conducting or dancing. It was quite comical!

Then after that we went and heart attacked President and Sister Jenkins door. We did our own version of the Mormon Message "It was Mom" and called it "It was Sister Jenkins" and numbered hearts with things that are made possible and things we love about Sister Jenkins. But this was a super hard heart attack to pull off! Right by the front door is President's office, plus there's a squeaky gate we have pass by that is SO LOUD. Anyways, they live in a circle so before we went and parked we drove around the circle to see the conditions we would be up against. Well, all the odds were NOT in our favor. President's window to his office was wide open along with every other window in the house AND HE WAS IN HIS OFFICE! We thought we would have to scrap this one because we thought that there was no way we couldn't get caught. But after many prayers and much faith President walked out of his office and we took this as our opportunity to attack the door with hearts. THIS WAS THE MOST INTENSE HEART ATTACK EVER! The tape wasn't working and if you named it, it went wrong but by some miracle we got all the hearts up and RAN just before President came back into his office. Mission accomplished and much love was felt. Best Mother's Day EVER!

This coming week is going to be great! Miracles are going to happen, it's going to be hot, and much more! I can't wait!

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