Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 5, 2014


Transfer News!!!!! I'm staying in Vista Peaks! Prayers really are answered! I'm staying with Sister Hamberger and finishing her training. We have another ward as well, Adobe Villa. I'm so excited to be staying in my favorite ward! There's so much potential here we just need to help the members unlock it. I'm excited to help Adobe Villa... The previous missionaries there didn't do a lot of there and I'm excited to help them :) I also was released as a STL... Thank goodness! I loved the calling but it was really stressful training, or being in a trio, or white washing.... I learned a lot from the calling and I'm excited to lead from behind :) Plus! Most of my zone is staying the same! Only 2 missionaries are leaving and everyone else is staying as is. It's really exciting!

This week has been really long..... Only having one ward is great and I loved it, but it was really hard. We spent a lot of time trying to contact people.... We did a lot of street contacting and adding people to our potential list. It was exhausting and it's hard to see a lot of fruits of our labors, but I can see the future blessings! It's hard to see, but it's there!

On the plus side, we had lots of miracles happen with our less actives! One of them, Bonnie Maynard, wants to go to the temple and do ordinances for her own family members! She recently retired and she needed something do now with all of her free time. She is so excited and told us that she will do what ever she needs to do on her part to get to the temple. She also said that whenever we go over she wants us to teach her with the goal of the temple. We're so excited! She's made a lot of progress in the past four months! We've also been able to meet with a lot of other less actives this week that we haven't been able to see.... ever! That was a real blessing since finding investigators has been a real struggle in the Vista Peaks ward...
We'll keep working hard to find people to teach even though we will have another ward. Miracles will happen with faith :)

We also went to the temple this week! I love being able to go once a transfer... it's definitely a blessing to be able to do that. Today as a zone we had a "useless talent show"... it was so entertaining! I needed a good laugh! I hope to email a video of the talents of Sisters Adams and Hartley.... :) I hope this week goes fantastic and that lots of miracles can happen! Bring on the heat! It only got to 107 degrees inside our car the other day... no biggie!

-Sister Dunn

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