Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 24, 2014

I SURVIVED THE 5K!!!!!! I ran it in 31:02. For a person who has never run in her life and started 9 weeks ago, this is pretty amazing. I learned that God gives his children many talents, but mine is not running. I'll just design the facilities that runners can use. ;) We also ran in the stake's 2 mile "fun run". I'm all runned out. This week has been kinda funky. I got sick earlier in the week. It really stinks getting sick... My body has this weird timeline where I get a sinus infection every six months. It's that time again! I'm so grateful for the members because they let me rest while another took out Sister Krueger to get some work done. 
ZTM was really good this past week. We were trained a lot about diligence and having pure desires and motives. It was probably the best ZTM I've ever been to. I was asked to give a talk on persistence vs. diligence. It was really interesting preparing for this. I had always thought that they were the same things, but they're not. I guess to sum up what I learned, persistence is working hard on your own; diligence is working hard with the Lord and for the Lord. 
Miracle! Jessica and her mom have shown an interest in the church again!!!! She kinda fell off the face of the planet, but we found her again! We just went over on Thursday and had a really good discussion with them about the Atonement. Right now they're content with their church, but are willing to look into another one! YAY! I was super sad when we lost contact with her, but we're not going to let her go this time! We're making an extra effort to let the ward know about her and inviting them to reach out and be her friend. Good things must come.... They might even come to church next Sunday because we're giving talks! YAY! After five and a half months in this area we are finally giving talks. 
Our transition lesson won't be happening for a couple of weeks... This investigator keeps bailing on us! UGH. Just when things seemed to be going right.... We're working really close with her fellowshipper and trying to coordinate another time to meet with her.
Stonebridge seems to be doing better. At least there are things going on! The new auxiliaries are doing a good job and motivating the other auxiliaries to reach out. We're planning on an open house in January and miracles are going to follow. :)
It's Christmas Lights time!!!!!!!!! They start on Friday and I'm SO EXCITED. We start working on the 3rd of December every other day. I can't wait and we get to be in our area!!! Last year we were never in our area during the evening during Christmas Lights. We had our official training on Friday. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of Christmas, those of you who are on social media should be all over Facebook on Friday the 28th. The church is coming out with a Christmas initiative that will seriously change you and the world. Take advantage of it because the church is making it easier and easier to share the gospel. We no longer have any excuses to NOT be sharing the gospel. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm looking forward to spending time with the 7 families that have invited us over. Don't worry, we have a plan to not overeat. :) 
-Sister Dunn
After finishing the stake "fun run"

We finished the 5K!!!!!!!!!

Car selfie!!

Fit for the Kingdom

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