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July 22, 2013


Sister Dunn with Pres. & Sister Jenkins
I’m in Mesa!!! Yay! I’m so happy to finally be here! So I flew from Salt Lake to Phoenix where President and Sister Jenkins greeted everyone. They are just the coolest people ever! We then went to the Mesa Temple Visitors Center where we took care of some business. And may I add that the temple here is absolutely breath-taking! The visitor’s center and temple grounds blow Temple Square out of the park! It’s just so beautiful here! For lunch, we went to the stake center next to the mission office where the stake Relief Society prepared lunch for us. Then I got to meet my day trainers Sister Homer and Sister Bolliger. We went around talking to people and said a lot of goodbyes because Sister Homer was being transferred. And in case you were wondering how on earth I feed myself, I don’t. We are fed dinner every single night here so we eat a simple breakfast and lunch because dinner is always filling and super yummy. 

The next day I got my companion! Her name is Sister West and she’s from Louisville, Kentucky. She’s been out for 4 months and has been an amazing trainer! We live with members, the Christensen’s, and have our own room to sleep and study in along with our own bathroom. The best part of living with them is that they have the cutest poodle/terrier mix dog named Max (we often call him Maxipad) who has become a close friend of mine. We run with him every morning and often sleeps with us. He’s just the cutest thing ever!

To give you an idea of how awesome my mission is, last Saturday we had 20 baptisms; that’s unheard of! And the work here is amazing! Right now I’m in the Liahona area and we’re working with the Cooper, Emerald Acres, and Lazona wards. We are in finding mode right now because we just had 7 baptisms, so work is slow. We’re trying to focus on working with the members and getting them excited to be a part of missionary work. Cooper ward hasn’t had a baptism in 5 years and we know there are prepared people out there; we just need the help of the ward to point us in the right direction. They just got a new bishop and we are excited to work with him because he sees the importance of missionary work and will start the initiative with the ward. One way we hope to get to know the ward members and get them excited about missionary work is to go with them on their ward campout!  If we can get permission from President Jenkins, we will go and teach a lesson and share experiences and help get the members of Cooper ward excited about the work!!

And now to the good stuff! We are working with a couple named Robert and Lisa. They have four kids. Their oldest is Riley (13) and Austin (11) and they are both baptized and Riley holds the Priesthood and passes the sacrament. The girls are 5 and 3 and are absolutely crazy! Robert and Lisa had a date set earlier but had to miss it because of Word of Wisdom issues. But now they have a date set for the 8th. We go over to their house every day and read the Book of Mormon with them. Lately the girls haven’t been there so we’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with them. The latest happened Saturday. They had lots of questions but as we read they answered their own questions through the scriptures even though what we were reading had nothing about what they were asking! It was so amazing to see how revelation works in the lives of others. They are growing so much and every time we meet with them they learn and grow more. They are being prepared every day! We used to have to really encourage them to read and pray and now they do it willingly and are excited to tell us about what they read. I can’t wait to see them be baptized. We are going to try and get Robert baptized this week because he wants to baptize Lisa. Having him be earlier allows him time to get the Priesthood and do everything he needs to do in order to baptize Lisa. I love them so much and I am so humbled that they have opened up to me and Sister West and allow us into their home and that they want the Spirit to always be there. Up next is to teach their girls about reverence!

I love it here in Mesa so much! I keep lying about posting pictures, but I’m going to go get a SD card reader and pictures will be sent! It’s super duper hot here but it’s absolutely amazing here because it’s monsoon season! There’s rain and lighting and it’s amazing!

And if you send something to me, send it to the mission home! I'll definitely get it then!

Love you all!!

-Sister Dunn

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