Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013


I love this transfer! I have an amazing companion! Sister Sparhawk is from Boise, Idaho and is as fresh from the MTC as you can get. She is wonderful and is absorbing everything like a sponge! I've been working really hard to get to know her and really know who she is. That's one thing I felt like my other companions didn't really do. She has an amazing spirit and loves to work (what an amazing quality to have!). During lunch, evenings, and when we're driving we're asking each other questions; it's really awesome! I'm trying to see where her limits are so I don't push her to her breaking point. She's an amazing worker and is just..... awesome! :) I'm definitely making 12 Week a higher priority than ever before along with practices! I sure do not like practices but they're wonderful and love them at the same time! Being a trainer is a huge responsibility and I'm not taking it lightly. I need to set the example that she will remember forever. No pressure right? ;) She's definitely my number one investigator and I'm always thinking about her and asking Heavenly Father what she needs to grow and improve and become the wonderful and powerful missionary that I see her becoming. I really see her as someone who is confident and goes out of her way to help others and share the gospel with anyone she comes in contact with. I'm going to work my tail off to help her become the daughter of God I see her becoming.
White-washing is really hard. We currently don't have any investigators, 2 new/other investigators that we have not been able to contact, and 4 referrals. We work with less-actives a lot but they're never home! It's hard trying to fill our time with activities that will use the Lord's time wisely but I have so much hope for this area! The other day we got a referral (his name is Seth) from a member and the feeling I got when she started telling us about him was unforgettable! I can feel that miracles are going to happen in this ward and there are going to be baptisms! The members are absolutely fantastic and are so willing to help and to go out with us when we try and contact potentials and visit less-actives. I really love this ward. It's really amazing how much the members will go out of their way to help the Work of Salvation. It's so wonderful!
One activity that we're doing is called "Operation Noah." We go out to everyone and give them a proselyting copy of the Book of Mormon, a marking guide created by a member, and a card. We invite them to mark the Book of Mormon, write their testimony on the front page, and pray to Heavenly Father and ask who they should give it to. It's a really neat thing! We've done it with a few members already and when we were speaking they received revelation as to who they need to give it to. We give them a week then we follow up with them to see if they had done it or not. If they didn't do it we recommit them and follow up a week later. We're giving out a lot of these and we're following up with those who received this wonderful challenge from Sisters Esmond and Hillam. Miracles are going to happen from this!
We're also going to start working with the YSA Representatives from the home wards in the stake to go and "rescue" those whose records are not in the YSA ward. I feel really strongly that we'll be able to find those individuals and help them come to the ward and that we'll be using the Lord's time wisely.
I'm doing great! I feel a healthy level of stress; a level that motivates me and pushes me to work to my very best and more! I've set a goal for this transfer! Last transfer it was giving meaningful commitments that will help others exercise their faith in  the Savior and I think I accomplished this goal! This transfer my goal is asking inspired questions! I definitely feel that this is something I really need to work on. I know that with the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ I can become a better missionary and I can accomplish anything that I set out to do.

Love, Sister Dunn
P.S.  Believe it or not I'm getting cold! My blood has really thinned out and 60 degrees is freezing! I cannot wait for my blood to thicken again so I can really enjoy the cold! But at least it doesn't go above 100 degrees; I'm thankful for that!
I'm getting Facebook training tomorrow! So don't be surprised when you see me logged on! I have to hide EVERYTHING (old posts, pictures, everything) but I will be on there! I can only use it for proselyting purposes so no chats about how I'm doing. But if you have people for me to teach online let me know! I'm really excited to be on Facebook!

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