Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013


What a week! Nuff' said!

We saw a lot of less-actives this week and members this week. We had 16 lessons that we set up on our own or had when we just stopped by to see someone. Even though our key indicators don't show it, we're having success in our area. Facebook is amazing! I'm friends with my ward and I can see what is going on in their lives. I feel like I'm becoming a member of the Highgroves YSA ward :)
We might a have a new convert coming to our ward. Her name is Alexandra Hawn and she was taught by Elders Parker and Despain. She lives in the Countryside Park YSA ward but was coming to church with her aunt in the Kensington ward and was baptized into the Kensington ward on Saturday. She might move in with her aunt so she'll be in our ward. Not gonna lie.... I really want her to move and come to our ward. This ward is having a hard time thinking about doing missionary work and I think having a recent convert of 7 days in the ward will really help.
We really need to find an investigator! This ward needs a baptism and I can feel that we need to find one but it's harder to find them in the YSA. Brittney and Scott aren't interested (right now) so what we're going to do this week is meet ALL of our former investigators and ask if they're interested in learning. If they are then hooray for us but if they're not we will ask for referrals. Going through the Area Book I can feel that there's someone in there that's ready to receive the restored gospel. 
We had an awesome training just for sisters on Thursday and I loved it! It was nice to have concerns that only sisters have addressed. I know what I need to improve on (wardrobe, diet, exercise, etc.) and I know that if I diligently work on this, I will be happier, healthier, and I'll be able to work longer and harder. I'm going to try even harder to be more exactly obedient. It will be hard but the rewards will be priceless.
I have a lot that I want to work on to change or to improve and I'm working on not overwhelming myself with everything that I want to do. I'm so grateful that I have the world's best companion. I feel like I can share everything with her and she supports me in all that I set out do. I also know that Heavenly Father is right there as well cheering me on and extending His arm for me to grab hold of.

I love the Gospel :)

Love, Sister Dunn

P.S. Rumor is we might be getting iPads this week or the following! YAY!

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