Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013


This week was so good! The more I just dedicate everything I have to
the gospel and the Lord the happier I am. Losing oneself is definitely
a joy beyond comprehension. So I got two big packages today. One was
filled with some things I needed for Christmas lights, like my coat, and
the other one was filled presents for me and Sister Sparhawk. There's
a gift everyday from December 1st to the 25th. I started crying when
we went through the boxes! There was so much thought and love put into
these packages. I feel so blessed to have a family who loves me and my
companion so much. I think my mom did this because she knows how much
I love Christmas and that I would struggle not celebrating it with the
family. So, I guess this is what she came up with! I love her so much!
I also got a letter from my Grandma and Grandpa Cornia that had their
testimonies in them. Their testimonies really touched my heart. It's
really amazing how the Lord gives you exactly what you need exactly
when you need it. I feel so blessed!

Our investigator Kyle didn't make it to church on Sunday :( We were
super sad. But he texted us and said he needed to think some things
through and make sure he really wants to be baptized. We got word
today that he still wants to be baptized! We are praying for him so
much! We hope that he can make the necessary choices so he can be
baptized. Right now he's struggling not working on Sundays. But we
always encourage him. He's also developing a lot of friendships in the
ward and they're helping him also.

We also had a miracle happen this week! There's a less active named
Callie. I met her when I day trained with Sisters Homer and Bolliger
the day I got to Mesa and I knew that I would see her again. As soon
as I got into this ward and found out this is where Callie is, I
literally jumped with excitement. We've been meeting with her and
helping her read the Book of Mormon, pray, and come to church. On
Thursday we went over and this is the first thing she said to us: " I
want to serve a mission." I felt like I couldn't move because I was so
shocked! She's already talked to the stake president in the family
stake. We're going to introduce her to Bishop Peterson and get things
started there. She has some things to work on and she recognizes it
and is already working on those things. She came to church for the
first time in over 4 months. I feel so blessed to be working with her.

Something that I'm doing now is studying a single chapter of Preach
My Gospel every week. So last week I studied chapter one and this week
I'm going to study chapter two. I really loved doing this. I got to understand
Preach My Gospel more and my purpose as well and I get to do all the study
activities! I feel like I'm beginning to understand my role as a
missionary more and my responsibilities as well. My goal this week is
to improve my personal studies which goes right along with what I'm
studying in Preach My Gospel.

I can't believe Christmas is a month away! How time flies when you're
having fun!

Sister Dunn

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