Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014


Well, transfers happened but they didn't........ I have a new companion! Sister Hamberger flew into the mission on Saturday and that's when we officially became companions! So, the trio I was in no longer exists. We just have Vista Peaks again and I have Georgina back! My beloved Chevy Cruze! I lost her at the beginning of the transfer when our areas were combined, but I have her back! YEAH!
Sister Hamberger is from Alaska. Yes, I am super jealous that she's from there because that's where I originally wanted to serve my mission. I joke around that the Lord got the "A's" mixed up ;)

Sister Hamberger is doing pretty well.... It's only been three days, but she's beginning to adjust back into missionary life (She had to leave for a little bit, but now she's back!). We're working on her staying awake during personal study! I swear she always falls asleep... So what we're doing is I am going to start my studies at 7:30 to get a full hour of studying in and then at 8:30 we read out loud what she is studying in the Book of Mormon and discussing it as we go. So far it's working and she's learning a lot more from the Book of Mormon than she did before! I hope and pray that she will do well on her mission and not get bogged down by what happened in the past.

There are a lot of good things beginning to happen in Vista Peaks! We had an amazing ward council that was focused on missionary work! A first since I've been here! We were able to talk about the needs of the people we are teaching and we received guidance as to how to help an individual and they in turn were able to do things to help us. It was great and very productive! Our ward mission leader is also stepping up to the plate in his calling and is taking initiative to get things done. It's really great to see him grow and fulfill his calling.  We've also been able to contact a lot of potentials and we've done a lot of street contacting the past two days.... more than we've done in the past 4 weeks! It was great! We've added a lot of really good potentials to our teaching pool and the members are excited to have us all to themselves again. We're working extra hard this week to find, find, find! The investigators that we have are doing great and we're excited to begin working with them more.

Hahaha.... So today we had a Nurf war as a zone..... I loved it! I am really good actually and I am a great protector of the flag! But every time I got shot I, for some reason, always screamed.... When the other team heard me scream they knew that they could storm the flag and take it to win the round.... But it was a blast and I'm grateful that games like that haven't been banned yet.... Hopefully other missionaries don't mess it up for the rest of us!

Well, real transfers are next week so you'll find out next Monday what is going to happen for the next 6 weeks! Live long and prosper!

-Sister Dunn

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