Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 13, 2014

It has been a pretty good week! A lot happened and much was learned. We did a lot of service for people in other wards in the stake. We karate chopped sticks, turned our lungs brown, and heart attacked like crazy. Here's a funny story from service. One of our zone leaders has major ADD and didn't quite get to take his medicine that morning. He was literally saying crazy things. While karate chopping a stick he had a brilliant idea to brainwash one of the children there. He broke a wand-sized stick off and beckoned one of the kids. He said,in a quiet, yet dead serious voice, "Now, this is a very special stick. It's made from the same tree that Harry Potter's wand came from. This wand, is for you." This kid fell for it big time and for the next 45 minutes we heard exclamations of spells and the tale of how this wand came to be. Priceless.

We have received revelation to help the Stonebridge ward!! We went on exchanges with Sister Evans this week and in an evaluation email she told me that she feels that we need to just go into every home and teach about the Atonement. We did that immediately the next day and we began to see a glimmer of hope. If we can keep doing this and not get discouraged for not seeing immediate results, good things will happen in the ward. We've figured out that the members are good at talking about the gospel with their friends, but are terrible at inviting. I'm sure teaching the Atonement and inviting them to act will do something, right?
Preach My Gospel says that when a person increases their understanding of the Atonement and experiences it, a desire to share it with others will follow. :)

Mack and Maria are set for the 24th! We're almost finished with the lessons and their testimonies are growing brighter and brighter everyday! We're getting the word out and many people are planning on coming and they're telling everyone they know too! This is how amazing they are: We had a lesson with them on Thursday and they TOOK NOTES. Who does that??!! They're so amazing. We also saw them on Tuesday and followed up to see if they were able to see a session of General Conference. They didn't watch just one, but four of the five sessions. They also recorded it on their TV so they could pause it every time they didn't understand something and look it up in the Gospel Principles manual. The only question they had was this: "Now, explain to us what a 'seventy' is and what a sealer does." Again, amazing. They're not golden; they're platinum. :)

It rained this week! On the day we had interviews and car inspections too! It was actually a lot of fun checking tire pressure and fluids in the rain. Thank goodness I didn't straighten my hair! Or President might have disowned me for my messy hair! He wouldn't do that, but seeing his reaction would have been... intense. During the interview we discussed what he asked us to read the week before. He asked us to read 1 Nephi 1-5 and relate the experiences Nephi had to ourselves. We discussed a lot about obedience and his email to the mission basically sums up what we talked about.

"Elders and Sisters, obedience means obedience. The principle, the attribute, and the commitment is to be obedient in all things, not to pick and choose what we will obey and what we won't. There is no such thing as disobeying "small" or "little" things. It is all disobedience and it always leads to big things. If we obey some things but disobey or ignore others, we are not blessed for being obedient missionaries because in reality---we are not obedient. There is spiritual and physical safety in being completely obedient to every mission and missionary rule and guideline and to every one of the Lord's commandments. Having agency does not give a person the 'right' to disobey. It may grant one the privilege, but God has never given anyone the right to do wrong. It is not in His nature, for He cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance. To intentionally disobey is to also intentionally agree to the full and complete consequences of the act of disobedience. It is impossible to choose one and not choose the other. We cannot pick up one end of the stick without also picking up the other."
So, be obedient. Here's a tip to those of you who hold callings. Please don't openly tell the missionaries or anyone how much you hate your calling and desperately want to be released.... just, don't... We had this experience this week and it didn't leave a good impression and it made us not want to be around her, let alone work with her.... Sister Dunn's life advice #334883672638.

All of our recent converts in Las Sendas are doing well! Members are reaching out to them, helping them feel love and getting them involved in upcoming events. We're trying to work with our less actives still. This week was harder to see them (and everyone) because it was fall break... summer all over again! But it's over and everyone is back and work will pick up again!
Here's a question to ponder throughout the day: What has the Savior done for me?
-Sister Dunn

Catching a quick bite.  Yum!!

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