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October 6, 2014


What a great week! General Conference was just absolutely amazing. I'm so grateful for my mission because I've learned the priceless value of the meeting and the spiritual power that comes from it. I don't have a favorite talk. All of them touched me in different ways and I received revelation during each of them! I know what I need to do during the next 6 months and today I sat down and made goals and plans to accomplish what I was prompted to do. It was really cool. I wrote down significant things that I needed to remember from the talks (like Elder Scott's on the 4 tools that will help us come unto Christ) but I would also write down specific things that the Spirit prompted me to write. I didn't notice a lot of it until I went back and reviewed my notes. The Spirit works in the most interesting ways sometimes. I will say this: probably one of the biggest messages I got out of conference was how vitally essential it is to be converted. We were given in such plainness the things we need to do to become converted. Everything that was shared I had to learn on my own! Now it's available, so no one has the excuse of "I don't know how" because it's been given to us by our prophets and it's as plain as day. So, go and get converted everyone! We have received counsel over the past few years of how to be physically prepared, so now is the time to be spiritually prepared for the whirlwinds of life and the coming of the Savior. 

We watched the first session with Sister Victor! She was so welcoming and let the entire district come and eat breakfast and enjoy the first session with her. We made french toast, delectable omelettes, and Sister Victor made fruit smoothies that tasted like cheesecake. We had such a great time! We love Sister Victor! All the other sessions we watched at the Stake Center... I feel like we practically lived there the past 2 days..... 

Mack and Maria are set to be baptized on the 25th! They're so excited! We were with another of our recent converts in the ward and when they found out he recently was baptized they couldn't wait to tell him that they were getting baptized later in the month. They want this and are working so hard for it. We took them to the Visitors' Center and talked quite a bit about the temple. They have a goal of going inside one day. They were actually disappointed that our tour of the VC didn't include going inside the temple. They're being loved into the ward and are loving church! They watched General Conference on their own and loved it too! We're going over on Tuesday to discuss it with them and to talk about some other things that they have to do to be prepared to be baptized. Seriously golden people. 

We're really working on convert retention and activation right now in Las Sendas. Efforts in this were and are severely lacking. We've had a lot of appointments in the last week with all of the recent converts in the ward. We're helping them facilitate experiences that will help them be converted. So far it's going really well! We're doing the same thing with less actives and performing service to get inside the door of some. We're super busy in that ward. It's great! Stonebridge is as dead as ever. Still not sure why either. Frustrating much? Yes. I feel like NO ONE wants us in their homes except for a lone ward missionary.... We did receive revelation during General Conference as to how to cope with the lack of work. Elder Chi Hong Wong described what's happening perfectly. His talk was about the man with palsy being carried to the Savior. If everyone is not working in unison then the person who lowers their corner too fast will result in the man falling off the bed. Right now we're trying to go faster in Stonebridge. We know how important the work is! But the rest of the ward isn't on the same page. As a result the man is falling off the bed. We're going to readjust what we're doing to help the ward as they lower the "palsy man". No one is going to fall off the bed!
1. General Conference selfie #selfiesunday
2. General Conference with Sister Victor!!
3. To be obedient little missionaries, some elders in our district have to wait outside until the other elders show up. Luckily they got to enjoy their smoothies in beautiful 80 weather!
4. le District
5. ze elders mocking the sisters in the district
6. la Sisters in the district
7. My district in a nutshell.

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