Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014


This week has just been so blessed! I WISH YOU ALL COULD COME TO THE MACK & MARIA'S BAPTISM ON FRIDAY THE 24TH!!!!!!!!!!! They're just the most amazing people of my entire life. 

We've been working so hard with them this past week. Maria got really sick and we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to teach them what they needed to know to be prepared. But don't worry because the Lord provided a way! We used FaceTime to teach them!! I am sooooooo grateful that the Lord has blessed our mission with such amazing technology! If we didn't have any of this we would have never taught them and Satan would have won this round. But not today!!! During one of our lessons this week we taught them about fasting and tithing. We did some HTBT (how to begin teaching) and asked what they knew about fasting. Mack went off and told us what he knew and went on to tell us that they had fasted on fast Sunday and that they started with a prayer and were fasting for one of their children. Mind you that we taught the lesson AFTER they had already fasted. Who does that? I feel like we're not really teaching them because they're teaching themselves! They are the cover model for preparedness. 

We had a really cool experience with a PMF. Brother Kummings is a very less active member who has a non-member wife. His very active sister came to visit from Utah and when we stopped by she practically smothered us with love. We got to chat for about 30 minutes. She asked us so many great questions about our missions and some of the experiences we've had. Before we left she asked both of us to share one of our most spiritual experiences we've had while serving. As Sister Krueger and I shared our experiences the Spirit washed into the room. The non-member wife really payed attention and began to be curious and asked questions. I don't know if she'll ever accept the gospel, but that night the door was opened and she felt something. I am so grateful for members who are bold and not afraid to open their mouths. If that member hadn't asked us to share some of our experiences the Spirit wouldn't have been able to touch hearts as deeply as it did. Go members!!

Members in Stonebridge are actually doing missionary work!!!! It's small, but better than what was going on before! Friday night was their youth conference and we went and crashed to share a message. In midst of boonie-ness, dutch ovens, and mosquitos was a young man who wasn't a member and was there because his friend invited him. This kid loved the activity so much and admires the kind of life that his friend lives that he wants to learn more about the gospel and come to church. Guys, this is such a miracle and an answer to our prayers. I never thought that this would happen while I was here but it did. This kid thinks his parents will be ok with him learning and possibly even getting baptized. I am making it a goal of mine to help Stonebridge have a convert baptism by the end of my mission. This drought period is going to be over. I know that with the Lord's help this can be possible. We just need to keep praying and being diligent in what we're doing and good things are bound to come forth. 

We got to participate in Project Connect this week and it was so amazing! Project Connect is a charity that provides services for homeless people. They could get a meal, take a shower, get new clothes, get a birth certificate, get banking advice. You name it and it was there. We were 'guides' and we got to help 3 guests receive the services that they wanted. It was such a learning experience to just be serving people out of the love of my heart. My favorite part was at the end of helping one of the guests named Mike. They needed to fill out a questionnaire about how they found out about the event. One of the questions was "What was your favorite part of the event?" His response was "working with you two." Shucks! That made me feel good! I was on cloud nine as we went and helped another guest. The people we served were more touched by the love that we showed them rather than if we had just approached them on the street. Hopefully many good teaching opportunities will arise in the future because these guests will remember the love that they felt. Such a great opportunity! I hope there's more in the future!

Oh! Transfer news! I'm staying with Sister Krueger in our area for another 6 weeks!! YAY! In case anyone wanted to know, training for a 5K is NOT fun but it's going well. I haven't died yet. So I guess that's good. :) Also, balloon volleyball is a serious work out. We got to play a round with a family in Las Sendas and my arms are sore. We had a blast and the kids got to add a memory of playing with the missionaries to their album. I got to see "Meet the Mormons" this week! President Jenkins received a copy for the mission and after receiving seriously the best family history training I've ever received we got to watch it with the mission. I bawled with the candy bomber and laughed at the humanitarian who was a goofy dancer. It was a perfect glimpse into what the gospel does to enhance our lives. Heavenly Father truly created the perfect gospel. Eveyone, no matter their background or history, needs the gospel. It enhances every element of good in our lives and retracts the bad. It helps us become our heavenly selves. I wish everyone could understand that. When we ask people to start living a specific principle or standard it isn't to restrain us, it's to set our spirits free and relish in the blessings that come from living the type of life that God enjoys. Obedience brings blessings. Always. Disobediences brings misery. Always. I think Henry B. Eyring said it best. "What we DO allows the Atonement (or gospel) to CHANGE us into what we must be." I hope we can all look at our lives and see where we can let the gospel change us and invite good into our hearts. It's an act of humility that will bring exponential joy. 

-Sister Dunn

Just an Arizona sunset. :)

Sister Krueger and I enjoying a sunrise after a nice hike up a hill. 

Us and the Sewell's; our all-time favorite family in Las Sendas.

Sometimes we have rules where we aren't allowed to eat in the car... I found a way.


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