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Sis. Dunn, Sis. Sallstrom, Sis. Willahan   The dotted trio! We purposely dressed the same because we had matching clothing.

Sis. Willahan, Sis. Sallstrom, Sis. Dunn   2nd day in the MTC.

Sis. Dunn, Sis. Willahan, Sis. Sallstrom   Taking our first picture together outside the temple

District 53A

The Sisters in District 53A & D

This describes our companionship perfectly!

Can you see the mass of missionaries?  There were over 3,400 in the Marriott Center for the Tuesday evening devotional.

Sis. Willahan and Sis. Sallstrom are on a spiritual high after an amazing devotional on a Tuesday night at the Marriott Center.

The District as stick figures, drawn by Sis. Dunn.

The cream soda tree!  I'm not joking when I say this tree smells like cream soda!

We got 'owned' by Elder Foutz.  He's huge - 6'4" and 240 lbs.

The Elders in their mighty glory.

The MTC main courtyard area.

Last Sunday in the MTC.  Sis. Dunn, Sis. Sallstrom, Sis. Willahan, Sis. Turner, Sis. Fry

The view from the residence (we were on the fourth floor and faced west towards Utah Lake).

Arizona Mesa Missionaries:  Elder England, Elder Lynch, Elder Foutz, Elder Bartlett, Sis. Sallstrom, Sis. Willahan, Sis. Dunn and Bro. Rasmussen

Arizona Mesa Missionaries and Bro. Hainsworth

Sis. Fry, Sis. Dunn, Sis. Willahan had unintentionally dressed in the same color. Sis. Willahan clearly LOVES all the attention.

Sis. Dunn's pitiful, sore knees. The carpet is really rough!

Sis. Dunn and Sis. West (Louisville, Kentucky). First companion in Mesa, Arizona.

We get sunsets like these just about every night in Mesa. They are spectacular!

Monsoon!! These are the dust clouds that covered the sky before the flooding rain. They are so cool.  These don't happen every day, so they're pretty special and thrilling to experience.

My nerdy side was fed. I died and went to heaven when I saw this.
Missionaries of the Mesa YSA East Stake along with the Stake President and his wife (President and Sister Sandstrom)

 Missionaries from the apartment complex on the top of a random hill in Mesa.

Sister Dunn & Sister Sparhawk at Mesa Temple (in front of Mary & Joseph)

Jesus' baptism

Zone, playing softball

The world's largest beehive EVER. This thing was on the
side of the wind cave.

Northeast looking on the
Superstition Mountains!

The 'Zone' at the top of the mountain
where the caves are located.

Best member missionary ever!!

Bro. & Sis. Austin (WML in Adobe Villa)


The McClellan Family (Vista Peaks)

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