Friday, September 26, 2014

September 22, 2014


Saturday was pretty much the best day of my life. Elder Nelson is
seriously the coolest 90 year old man/apostle. Elder Foster and Elder
Hansen were pretty cool too. We got up at 5:30 and left at 7:15. We
got there around 7:30 and almost the entire chapel was filled. Luckily
we got some pretty sweet seats. We were about 5 rows away from the
pulpit. It was pretty much the best seating ever. I got to sit next to
a sister from the Scottsdale mission... She looked super familiar and
after a few minutes we realized that we went to high school together!
We had the same early morning seminary class! What a small world we
live in.

Talk about a special experience being able to learn from an apostle
and to shake his hand... He said we have the perfect mission!!! I have
solid apostolic proof now! I think this meeting is one of my favorite
meetings I've ever been to. I received a lot of personal revelation. I
didn't go in with a question. There wasn't anything I thought was
pressing, but I did go in with an open heart and mind. I knew that if
I was in the right state of mind and spirit that the Holy Ghost would
be able to teach me things that Heavenly Father needed me to know.

This is some of the revelation I received. Elder Nelson talked about
how our mission president's #1 concern is our eternal welfare.
Although baptisms are important, it's not their #1 focus. There have
been many things that I didn't understand why President Jenkins asked
me to do - ridiculously hard things - but I do now. Why would he ask me
to white-wash, train, and be a STL all at once? Why was I placed in
one of the worst trios of my mission? Why have I been blessed with
such a wonderful companion right now? Everything he's done isn't
random. It's the will of God. He's asked me to do many hard things
because he saw my potential; he saw what Heavenly Father sees in me.
He's in tune with the Spirit and in line with the will of God.
Those difficult/worst 6 months were my refiners fire. I was almost at
my breaking point until Sister Hamberger came in. The time I spent
with her and with Sisters Chase and Krueger are evidence that Heavenly
Father loves me. He trusts President Jenkins with his precious sons
and daughters. He's doing the right thing. I feel so blessed to have
one of the world's best mission presidents. He is a man called and
inspired of God.

In case you didn't know, Elder Nelson is hilarious too. This is one of
my favorite quotes: "Sisters, when the time comes and prince charming
kneels down and asks 'will you be mine?' Say NO..... Until he shows
that he loves the Lord more than he loves you. If he loves the Lord
more, he will have a greater capacity to love you." He also said
something along the lines of "I know you're missionaries and are not
supposed to talk about marriage and things like that, but lets take a
few minutes and talk about marriage." Seriously, a comical guy. "I
don't have a favorite scripture more than I have a favorite child...
and I have 10 of them!" He's a cute old man. He's a lot shorter than I
thought, or I'm just really tall... Anyways! He left a pretty
fantastic apostolic blessing and I left the meeting pumped and ready
to conquer the world!!

Well, we have two new investigators in Las Sendas!! The couple that we
helped move in are solid. Their names are Maria and Mack. We had our
first lesson with them on Thursday. Seriously, the people are already
mormon. They felt "warm and fuzzy" as we taught and when we asked them
to read the introduction they said "I'm not sure we'll be able to
stop..." They came to all three hours of church and loved it! They've
told multiple people that they are serious about learning about the
church. We're so excited!!!! Again, this is exactly what we've been
praying for!! We're doing more service for them this week and
hopefully we can set a baptism date! Yay!

The rest of the week was super busy as usual. I'm looking forward to
next week! Temple, ZTM, General Women's Broadcast... Man, next week is
going to be another spiritual high. I hope you all have a great week!

-Sister Dunn

1. For service this week, a member asked us to go and feed their
turtle Bob. He's a funny one. He plays "follow the leader" and he
likes to try and eat your finger through the glass. We fed him some
yummy carrots before we went and cleaned the house. Great stuff
2. All the missionaries that helped with the flood clean up last Saturday!
3. Selfies!
4. You see that? It's my ribbon for virtue. I officially finished all
the experiences and the project associated with virtue! I'm going to
be getting my faith and individual worth ribbons in the next couple of
weeks! I am bound and determined to finish my personal progress...

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