Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 1, 2014


This week has been SOOOOO interesting. Going back to Tuesday.... After
we had emailed, did a 10 minute shopping trip, and grabbed some food,
we went to meet a member for a surprise something. We had no idea what
we were doing, where we were going, or who we were meeting. The member
wasn't even clear about what we should wear. Iffy? I think yes! As we
got on the freeway we started playing 20 questions which it eventually
turned into 200 questions. Every single question we asked was answered
with an "I honestly have no idea." It was usually followed by "ask
more specific questions." Talk about frustrating. I got a lot of our
silliness on video and it is HILARIOUS. As we continued driving we
were heading east.... towards Globe. Sister Krueger and I were
freaking out. BUT! The closer we got the more excited we became.
Eventually the cat came out of the bag.... It was Sister Chase. She
secretly organized (behind our backs) a trip to Globe to see the
run-downness of the ghetto and the beauty of the hills and mountains.
It was an amazing road trip and now I can officially say that I've
been to Globe :)

I've been stuck in the same 20 square miles for 14 months - it was
actually really nice to see some other vegetation and rocks! Going up
to Globe there comes a point where Saguaro cactus can't grow because
the elevation is too high. For most of the trip there were no cacti...
weird. As we came back down I was so happy to see the pokey trees. I
guess I love Mesa more than I thought!

The joy of the road trip didn't last too long though. The next day
during personal studies we got a call from President Jenkins. He NEVER
calls during studies, so when he does you know it's important. He
called and asked for Sister Chase. He told her she was needed in a
different area because another sister was going home for medical
reasons. He needed her to be at the mission home by 9 that evening.

In a matter of a few short hours, our plans made the night before were
thrown out the window, we packed up her entire life, and went to see
some members and our investigators so she could say goodbye.

It was hard saying goodbye, but that's a part of missionary life. We
come and then we go. Sister Krueger and I have been trying to adjust
to not having her around. She did a lot and we're just trying to do
what she did to make our companionship work. We get along just great,
but it's stressful trying to remember everything and to make sure that
we aren't' missing anything.

Amid the hectic craziness of the day we experienced a miracle! We went
and contacted a referral named Michelle. She's a super sweet old lady.
She welcomed us in and acted like she was expecting us for a long
time. THAT'S a tender mercy. She began talking and asking us really
good questions about the Spirit World. He husband died a little less
than a year ago and she wants to know that he's ok. As we taught and
testified she felt the Spirit and you could see the peace and comfort
he was bringing to her heart. The likelihood of her getting baptized
in this life is slim. She has so many health problems. She can barely
sit in a chair for an hour before she gets sick. Her bones are so
brittle that she can't bend and her back is so fragile that if she
broke it she would be paralyzed. BUT! She has lots of family that are
members of the church and who will ensure that her work is done.

We got to see Javelina! The wild and mysterious pig of Mesa. They're
great. Actually they stink. Literally. They smell like road kill. We
were visiting our investigator Jessica when she suggested that we go
and summon the Javelina. We grabbed a bag of carrots and a handful of
other veggies and headed out to her backyard. After throwing a few
food items over the fence one Javelina appeared. After a few minutes
another appeared. Soon there were 3... then 5... then 12! Plus babies!
They're so cute! This was an amazing opportunity as well to talk with
Jessica and with a couple of her other nonmember friends. Many doors
are being opened and the blessings of heaven are going to flood

Well, this week is going to be better than last week's. Transfer
planning is here again. It's always tense trying to think about what's
going to happen to you. I just want to do what the Lord needs me to
do. Remember to read the Book of Mormon everyday and to always pray.
Remember WHO you are praying to. There was a talk in sacrament meeting
on Sunday about prayer. The sister speaking said that the way to make
prayers more meaningful is to remember your divine relationship with
Heavenly Father. He is literally the Father of your spirits and he
yearns to bless you. All we have to do to receive those blessings is
ask him. "Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall
find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that
asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that
knocketh, it shall be opened. Or what man is there of you, who, if his
son ask bread, will give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he
give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good
gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in
heaven give good things to them that ask him?" -3 Nephi 14:7-11. The
promise in these scriptures is real. Take that leap of faith, get on
your knees, and really talk with Heavenly Father and you will not be

-Sister Dunn

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