Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 8, 2014


Transfers are here! Absolutely nothing is changing again! Three
transfers will be the longest I've ever had a companion. We're onto
new adventures though! Our mission is trying something new this
transfer. Instead of elders being district leaders, in a few districts
sisters are going to be the district leader! How crazy is that? My
district leader is an elder but the mission is buzzing with the new
sister district leaders.... We'll see how this plays out. Many think
it's not going to be permanent, but President Jenkins is always full
of surprises!

This week has sure been a whirl wind! We had to go to AJ to get our
oil changed, it's raining, and we did lots of service! Members are
moving and they're actually taking our offer to help! We've folded a
lot of clothes and we're going to be painting next week. I can't wait!
We built a fort in our apartment last Monday and had a blast. It's
been a good week :)

We dropped Ed on Saturday. It was the strangest thing. A couple of
weeks ago we felt that we needed to really push and continue teaching
him. We did that with no success. Then during weekly planning we both
felt that we needed to drop him. It was random, but we knew it was
from the Spirit. We made plans and they all fell through. We were
puzzled as to why we weren't able to act on the prompting we had
received. After many tries we got his main fellowshipper's, the
Alfonso's, to come with us and with their love for him we were able to
help him see that he's not in a place mentally and spiritually to be
baptized this month. This was the easiest drop of my entire mission!
He's been dropped a lot in the past 3 years, but this time is
different because he has real friends who are going to always be there
for him. Brother Alfonso is such a great friend for him. He's setting
up times to just talk with Ed and much more. He's so great! Being able
to help Ed is an answer to his prayers. Ever since he got baptized 8
years ago he's been looking for ways to be a missionary. Now he has his
opportunity. :)

Now we don't have any investigators in Las Sendas. We're on the hunt
now! We're making it very known that we do not have any investigators
when we meet with members. We're going to continue teaching the
members and helping them reach out to their friends to share what they
love so much. Everyone pray that a super prepared person will approach
us on the street begging to be baptized or that a member has a solid
referral for us! It's harder to find in this ward because it's
literally against the law to tract or street contact, so we need as
many miracles as possible!

Stonebridge is really starting to pick up. We're starting to get
referrals right and left and more part member families are starting to
open up. Things are progressing slowly but surely. We're going to
start teaching Jessica finally! She's agreed to be taught and we had
almost half the ward fasting for her on Sunday. Something good has to
start happening or I'm gonna scream! We're having nonmembers come to
church and members are sharing stories of their friends being
baptized. The energy is starting to ramp up!! Yay!

All our recent converts are doing really well! We're teaching them and
soaking up the gospel. We're really working with the McBride family
because they mainly joined the church for the social aspect. They have
great questions when we teach and are starting to sincerely keep the
commitments we extend. Hopefully we can get them to a place where they
can go to the temple in about 6 months or maybe more. Everyone is
progressing! Yay!

Things are going really well here. We're always trying to come up with
different ideas to help the members be more friendly and to encourage
them to share the gospel. I'm grateful that I get to spend another
week with Sister Krueger in the area. I know there's still things we
need to do together to make miracle happen here in these wards.

We got to help with an eagle project! We went all the way to the very
northern part of our mission: the Salt River. We helped pick up trash
and we caught an abandoned chicken or two. We didn't get in the water
and we had a lot of fun!! I'm looking forward to another great week!

-Sister Dunn

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