Monday, September 1, 2014

August 18, 2014


This week has been such a good week! We've been actually teach and it
feels so good! We have been called to teach people, but we weren't
teaching at all. So we took matters into our own hands and called
members and set up appointments to come and teach them. Last week
we taught 14 lessons and we have 18 scheduled for this upcoming week!
It's so great! They love having us over now and are beginning to trust
us. They see what we are called to do and feel that they can trust us
with their friends.

We've taught almost all the ward council members in the Stonebridge
ward and we're going to be finished seeing all the Las Sendas ward
council this coming week. I'm excited to see what good will come from
our efforts. This is so much better than knocking on empty doors!

Biggest miracle ever! Thursday night we get a call from a member we
taught Sunday with the best news ever! She had been talking to her
neighbors across the street for over 3 hours about the Gospel and
invited them to church. They accepted and came to church! But this
isn't the best part!! They cancelled their trip to Michigan to come to
church!! Who does that?! When they came they were welcomed and loved
by all the members! I've never seen the Stonebridge ward so friendly
in my entire time here. They participated in class and they looked
like they have been members their entire lives. I hope to see them
more! The member that invited them is moving, but they made so many
new friends at church that I know they'll eventually accept the gospel
and be baptized. Miracle!!

ZTM this week was SOOOOO much better than last month's. I learned so
much and  I feel reenergized to get out and do the work! I learned a
lot about the converting power of the Book of Mormon. We've been using
this newly rediscovered knowledge when we go and teach members and
help them deepen their conversion.

Things are going really well! Ed is doing alright, he just needs to
get used to the graveyard shift. He is planning on coming to a FHE
with a family tonight! He's great! We finally met Jessica this week!
She is so sweet and desperately needing the gospel. Her mom is super
friendly as well and looks like she'll let her daughter investigate
the church. Good things are happening and our hard work is just
starting to pay off!

I'm super excited to go to the temple and for mission tour next week!
The next 7 days are going to be so edifying and full of spiritual
revelation. I can't wait! Studying Preach My Gospel is going great and
I'm learning so much about the gospel. I really like my life :)

Valuable life lessons I learned this week:
1. NEVER go to Golfland during the summer... during the middle of the day. EVER!
2. Eating too much sugar results in a not-so-happy tummy. Sister
Krueger was a victim of this...
3. You don't have to eat everything the members place in front of you.
4. It is possible to teach 2 year olds funny things that the elders
do.... I may or may not have brainwashed a child to do silly things
every time she sees elders... priceless!
5. Dancing in the rain makes every day better... especially when you do
it for your workout in the morning!

-Sister Dunn

This is Angela! My new friend! I taught her to make this silly face
and clap her hands! We have a video of her doing it and it is

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